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Discover Soume Lighting, your premier source for elegant garden lighting and eco-friendly solar lanterns. Our high-quality products blend style with sustainability, illuminating outdoor spaces beautifully while reducing environmental impact. Whether you seek to enhance your garden's ambiance or brighten outdoor gatherings, Soume Lighting offers the perfect solution. Join us in illuminating the world with sustainable elegance.

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Elegant Design

Soume Lighting offers garden lights that feature elegant designs, meticulously crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, our lights add a touch of sophistication to gardens, pathways, and outdoor landscapes.

Superior Illumination

Our garden lights are engineered to provide superior illumination, ensuring optimal visibility and ambiance in outdoor environments. Whether you need soft, ambient lighting for intimate gatherings or bright, functional illumination for pathways and driveways, Soume Lighting delivers reliable performance and exceptional brightness.

Durability and Sustainability

Soume Lighting prioritizes durability and sustainability in our products. Constructed from premium materials, our garden lights are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, including exposure to harsh weather conditions. Additionally, many of our lights feature solar-powered technology, harnessing the sun's energy to provide eco-friendly illumination without relying on traditional electricity sources.

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Solar lanterns · Importance

Solar lanterns play a crucial role in promoting sustainability and providing accessible lighting solutions. By harnessing renewable solar energy, these lanterns offer a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighting sources. They serve as off-grid lighting solutions, particularly beneficial in areas with limited access to electricity, enhancing safety and convenience during outdoor activities and emergencies. With versatile applications and durable designs, solar lanterns contribute to reducing carbon emissions, improving energy access, and fostering a cleaner, greener future for all.

Renewable Energy Source

Solar lanterns harness the power of sunlight to generate electricity, offering a sustainable and renewable alternative to traditional energy sources. By utilizing solar energy, these lanterns help reduce dependence on fossil fuels, mitigate carbon emissions, and contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

Off-Grid Lighting Solution

Solar lanterns provide an off-grid lighting solution, particularly in areas with limited access to electricity. Whether used for outdoor activities like camping and hiking or as emergency lighting during power outages, solar lanterns offer a reliable and independent source of illumination, improving safety and convenience in off-grid settings.

Cost-Efficient Lighting

Investing in solar lanterns can lead to significant cost savings over time. Unlike traditional lanterns that rely on disposable batteries or grid electricity, solar lanterns operate without recurring expenses once installed. By harnessing free sunlight, users can enjoy continuous illumination without the need for ongoing fuel or electricity purchases, making solar lanterns a cost-efficient lighting solution in the long run.

Versatile Applications

Solar lanterns are versatile lighting devices suitable for various applications. From outdoor recreational activities to everyday use in homes, gardens, and outdoor spaces, solar lanterns offer flexible lighting solutions that adapt to diverse needs and environments. Their portable design and easy installation make them ideal for camping, hiking, picnics, and other outdoor adventures, while their durability ensures reliable performance in different weather conditions.

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Soume Lighting: Enlightening the Future Together with Our Esteemed Brand Partners, Revolutionizing Solar Garden Lighting for Businesses Worldwide.


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  • Over 10 Years of Experience
  • CE & ROHS Compliant Design
  • Rigorous Quality Control
  • High-quality Products Only
  • Customized Solar Panel Solutions
  • Premium European Standard Materials

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Garden lights · Our Factory

Factory Address: Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China Factory Certificate: Soume Lighting has focused on garden Solar Lighting for over 10 years, certified by ISO9001, BSCI.


Factory Building

Our 3,000 square meter workshopand warehouse, with over 100dedicated employees, exports trendyproducts meeting strict Europeanquality standards to the global market.


Electronic Workshop

The electronic workshop focuses onassembling and testing elecfroniccomponents within the lights,ensuring optimal performance andreliability of the lighting systems.


Assembly Workshop

The workshop is dedicated to constructing and testing solar gardenlights systematically, ensuring eachunit meets quality standards andoperates efficiently.


Rigorous Quality Control

Every single product that leaves ourfactory undergoes a stringent QG. We aim for perfection,process.ensuring that our customers receiveproducts worthy of a 5-star review.

Professional Certificates

We firmly adhere to the concept of compliance, ensuring every product is reliable and safe to use.

【 Garden lights 】 | Solar lanterns | 「Soume Lighting」


Garden lights | solar lanterns - FAQ

Garden lights are outdoor lighting fixtures designed to illuminate gardens, pathways, and outdoor landscapes, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and providing visibility. Solar lanterns are portable lighting devices that utilize solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable lighting solution.

Solar lanterns contain photovoltaic (PV) cells that absorb sunlight during the day. This energy is converted into electricity, which is stored in rechargeable batteries integrated into the lantern. When activated, the lanterns use this stored energy to power LED lights, providing illumination during the night.

Solar lanterns offer several benefits, including:

    • Environmentally friendly: They use renewable solar energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions.
    • Cost-effective: Solar lanterns eliminate the need for disposable batteries and grid electricity, resulting in long-term cost savings.
    • Portable and versatile: Solar lanterns are lightweight and portable, suitable for outdoor activities, camping, emergencies, and everyday use in gardens and outdoor spaces.
    • Off-grid lighting solution: They provide reliable illumination in areas with limited access to electricity, improving safety and convenience.

Most solar lanterns are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. However, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the lanterns are suitable for specific environmental conditions.

The runtime of solar lanterns depends on factors such as sunlight exposure, battery capacity, and LED efficiency. On average, solar lanterns can provide several hours of illumination on a single charge, with some models offering extended runtime or adjustable brightness settings.